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Discussing his childhood and early career experiences, Dr. Robert T. Muller explores his motivations for specializing in trauma therapy and the lessons that he has learned along the way.

In this coaching session for The Affair Recovery Movement, Dr. Robert T. Muller and Sarah P. discuss a variety of topics that relate to avoidant attachment, PTSD, and coping with an affair.

In this CBC Radio special Dr. Robert T. Muller examines why we decide not to share truths with those closest to us, the effects of secretiveness on families, and what happens when family secrets are revealed.

In this episode, Dr. Robert T. Muller discusses posttraumatic growth and his new book, “Trauma and the Struggle to Open Up:  From Avoidance to Recovery and Growth.”

In this episode, Morgan Rector discusses trauma outcomes and treatment with Dr. Robert T. Muller.

Dr. Robert T. Muller provides the steps needed to build and maintain a strong therapist-client relationship – one that helps bring recovery and growth.

Dr. Anna Baranowsky interviews Dr. Robert T. Muller on the therapist-client relationship, and the importance of having a therapist who uses a compassionate approach.

Dr. Robert T. Muller joins Matt and Curt to discuss his new book Trauma & The Struggle to Open Up: From Avoidance to Recovery & Growth, exploring how the guilt and shame of trauma affects the ability to discuss and overcome a traumatic past.

Dr. Robert T. Muller is interviewed on the topic of Avoidance in the treatment of posttraumatic stress. He addresses why he wrote about the avoidant client and offers some advice for trauma therapists who are dealing with avoidant clients.

Troubled attachment and intimacy avoidance is a natural outcome of challenging life experiences or trauma. Sue Marriott interviews guest, Dr. Robert T. Muller.


trauma relationship

A guest on the Trauma Therapist Podcast, Dr. Robert T. Muller explores the psychotherapy relationship when working with complex trauma.

trauma relationship

In this podcast, Dr. Robert T. Muller discusses why clients with trauma histories engage in avoidance behaviors in close relationships, specific coping strategies, and challenges that can occur in psychotherapy.

In this episode, learn about the differences between PTSD and other forms of trauma, how to identify it, and what can be done about it.

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