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Exploring topics on trauma and trauma therapy, Dr. Robert T Muller has produced various presentations available below.

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Psychology blog updated weekly on issues of trauma and trauma therapy, PTSD treatment and more.

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CAMH Lecture on Trauma Therapy

Dr. Robert T Muller explores the challenges of psychotherapy with trauma survivors, and the effects of therapists’ feelings on client progress.


Becoming a Trauma Therapist

Guest speaker on The Trauma Therapist Podcast, Dr Robert T Muller discusses his experiences as a trauma therapist in Toronto, and his personal motivations in counseling trauma survivors.


Trauma, Infidelity, & Avoidant Attachment

Discussing trauma in marriage, couples, & relationships, Dr Robert T Muller explains how counselling can bring resilience, and can help work through infidelities, losses, & other painful experiences.


Benefits of Therapy

Dr Robert T Muller explores the challenges of avoidant attachment in treatment, and the importance of engagement strategies to help counsel traumatized clients.


Family Secrets & Trauma

Guest speaker on a CBC radio special, Dr. Robert T. Muller explores what happens when families keep traumatic secrets.


Bullying & Trauma

Dr. Robert T. Muller is a radio guest on Global News, speaking on the traumatic effects of bullying, and what parents can do to help.


The Therapy Relationship

Speaking on the therapy relationship, Dr Robert T Muller explains how the therapist’s responses to various conflicts that arise with clients can either prevent or promote healing in psychotherapy.


Mental Health & Trauma

In an interview on his second trauma therapy book, “Trauma & the Struggle to Open Up,” Dr. Muller discusses how mental health is understood within a trauma framework.


Posttraumatic Growth

Discussing posttraumatic growth in this interview, Dr. Muller explains how trauma therapy can help people find a way to face, and even growth from, their painful past.


Opening Up

In this interview, Dr. Robert T. Muller discusses compassion in psychotherapy, and the importance of the client-therapist relationship in trauma therapy.


Trauma & Forgiveness

Speaking as a guest on this trauma-informed interview, Dr. Robert T. Muller discusses the place of forgiveness in trauma treatment.


Relationships-Focused Treatment

In this video, Dr. Robert T. Muller discusses how to do Relationship-Focused Trauma Therapy.


Avoidance & Trauma Therapy

Dr. Robert T. Muller is interviewed on the topic of Avoidance in the treatment of posttraumatic stress. Dr. Muller addresses why he wrote about the avoidant client and offers some key advice for trauma therapists who are dealing with avoidant clients.


Beyond PTSD

In this interview, Dr. Robert T Muller is asked to explore specifics of PTSD, and how it relates to attachment and having a trauma-informed perspective, as well as what we need to know about trauma recovery.


Client-Therapist Relationship in Trauma

A guest on the Trauma Therapist Podcast, Dr. Robert T. Muller explores the psychotherapy relationship when working with complex trauma

Overcoming Trauma During the Pandemic

Speaking on the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dr. Robert T. Muller speaks on the implications of trauma and trauma therapy in a socially distanced world.

What to Look for, in a Trauma Therapist

Dr. Robert T. Muller, psychologist, author of “Trauma & the Struggle to Open Up,” discusses what to look for, when you’re interested in starting trauma therapy.

Therapeutic Alliance in Trauma Treatment

Dr. Robert T. Muller delivers a keynote at the 2022 conference of the International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation.