Dr. Robert T. Muller's Psychotherapy Videos

CAMH Lecture on Trauma Therapy

Dr. Robert T Muller explores the challenges of psychotherapy with trauma survivors, and the effects of therapists' feelings on client progress.

Becoming a Trauma Therapist

Guest speaker on The Trauma Therapist Podcast, Dr Robert T Muller discusses his experiences as a trauma therapist in Toronto, and his personal motivations in counseling trauma survivors.

Trauma, Infidelity, & Avoidant Attachment

Discussing trauma in marriage, couples, & relationships, Dr Robert T Muller explains how counselling can bring resilience, and can help work through infidelities, losses, & other painful experiences.

Benefits of Therapy

Dr Robert T Muller explores the challenges of avoidant attachment in treatment, and the importance of engagement strategies to help counsel traumatized clients.

Family Secrets & Trauma

Guest speaker on a CBC radio special, Dr. Robert T. Muller explores what happens when families keep traumatic secrets.

Bullying & Trauma

Dr. Robert T. Muller is a radio guest on Global News, speaking on the traumatic effects of bullying, and what parents can do to help.

The Therapy Relationship

Speaking on the therapy relationship, Dr Robert T Muller explains how the therapist's responses to various conflicts that arise with clients can either prevent or promote healing in psychotherapy.

Mental Health & Trauma

In an interview on his second trauma therapy book, “Trauma & the Struggle to Open Up,” Dr. Muller discusses how mental health is understood within a trauma framework.

Posttraumatic Growth

Discussing posttraumatic growth in this interview, Dr. Muller explains how trauma therapy can help people find a way to face, and even growth from, their painful past.

Opening Up

In this interview, Dr. Robert T. Muller discusses compassion in psychotherapy, and the importance of the client-therapist relationship in trauma therapy.

Trauma & Forgiveness

Speaking as a guest on this trauma-informed interview, Dr. Robert T. Muller discusses the place of forgiveness in trauma treatment.