Psychotherapy Services


People seek psychotherapy having tried everything to fix their problems. They feel stuck. But it's difficult to be objective when you've spent so much time immersed in a problem.


Psychotherapy helps people take a step back, to see the situation more objectively. Soon, people begin to see islands of strength within themselves, and start to make changes in their lives.


Adults, adolescents, and children see me for individual, family, and couples therapy. I work in the areas of: grief & bereavement, trauma therapy, relationship conflict, posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, parent-child conflict, family crises, male and female abuse, and adjustment to divorce.


Adults come for therapy when they're experiencing conflict in important family relationships, when they're in high distress from loss, grief and trauma, or when trying to cope with anxiety, eating disorders, or emotional pain.


Parents bring their children or teenagers to see me because of family or peer conflict, difficulty adjusting to loss or divorce, and psychological distress such as anxiety or eating disorders.

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