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People come for therapy when they feel they're off-track. They're having trouble in important relationships, and struggling to adjust to new phases of life. Or they're still dealing with the painful effects of traumatic experiences. They want to move on, but just can't find a way.

Traumatic experiences are overwhelming, painful life events that continue to affect people. Often these are interpersonal. People feel an important element of trust has been broken. Perhaps they remember certain prior relationships or aspects of those relationship with feelings of hurt, pain, loss, or betrayal. And they find it very difficult to forge new relationships because the past continues to be a burden.

Trauma therapy is helpful for many people, as long as they are motivated to make change. People often stick to old habits because they work. Sometimes these old habits numb the pain (this happens with substances abuse), or they take the person's focus away from their difficult past (this happens a lot with workaholics). But when people realize that these old habits come at great personal cost, they find the motivation to seek help. Trauma therapy encourages people to change their old ways of handling their painful past with more productive useful ones. Rather than using avoidance, they learn to face their personal burdens. And this can be freeing.

This varies from person to person. I always do a thorough assessment (which takes two or three sessions). This helps me get to know the person much better. I find that doing that can give me a good idea of whether treatment will be shorter or longer. And I always let people know early on what my assessment shows.

Typically, I start in a once-a-week mode with clients. This allows me to get to know them sooner. Some people continue to come in at that frequency, but many people shift to once-every-two-weeks. This makes it more manageable for them.

My current full fee is $260 per session. This is consistent with the average fee of licensed clinical psychologists in Ontario. OHIP doesn't cover psychologists' fees, however if people have extended health benefits, they may claim my services through that. Sessions last about 50 minutes. They are booked directly with me.

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