Trauma Psychotherapist in Toronto

Dr. Robert T. Muller completed his training at Harvard in 1994, and is a registered psychologist.

Toronto psychotherapist, and professor of clinical psychology at York University, he teaches trauma therapy and supervises psychotherapists.

He practices individual, couples & family psychology, helping people improve their lives.

114 Maitland St. (Maitland & Jarvis) 
4th Floor 
Toronto (downtown, near Wellesley station)

Dr. Robert T. Muller - Toronto Psychologist


As a clinical psychologist and trauma therapist, I work with individuals and families in my Toronto psychotherapy practice. I help them with the interpersonal traumas and losses that have affected their lives.

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My 2010 psychotherapy book, Trauma & the Avoidant Client, focuses on how therapists can help trauma survivors who avoid attachment, closeness & painful feelings.

My 2017 book, Trauma and the Struggle to Open Up, details how to navigate the therapeutic relationship with trauma survivors, to help bring recovery and growth

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Have a look at my blog, Talking About Trauma, as well as my mental health e-magazine, The Trauma and Mental Health Report. You can also see my 2014 Lecture on Trauma Therapy at CAMH, as well as my 2015 podcast for trauma therapists.

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