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Discussing trauma, therapy, and the challenges of avoidant attachment, Dr Robert T. Muller explores how counselling can bring resilience, and can help work through infidelities, losses, & other painful experiences.



Follow Dr. Robert T. Muller’s latest featured podcasts where he joins other psychotherapy experts and discusses issues of trauma and psychotherapy.



Keep up to date with current trauma and mental health news on Robert T. Muller’s YorkU psychology blog that focuses on issues of trauma and trauma therapy, PTSD treatment and more.



Dr. Robert T. Muller’s two psychotherapy books, Trauma & the Avoidant Client (2010) and Trauma and the Struggle to Open Up (2018) focus on how therapists can help trauma survivors who avoid attachment and how to navigate the therapeutic relationship with trauma survivors.


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Put these into practice today!

Dr. Robert Muller’s six steps to practicing better trauma therapy:

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Get therapy! It’s really hard to do trauma therapy if you haven’t been involved in your own therapy.

Get supervision. Trauma therapy is really hard to do without good supervision.

Engage in self-care: schedule and take breaks.

Have a focus on counter-transference and notice what’s going on with your own feelings and actions.

Be attentive to vicarious traumatization. We all are susceptible to being vicariously traumatized.

Helping people feel like themselves again

“Dr. Muller is an an expert on the topic of trauma due to his experience as a professor, workshop presenter, researcher, and author. He is also an extremely compassionate and empathetic psychologist. It is clear that he has spent years treating children, teens, and adults making him an amazing clinician who has given me tremendous insight into my challenges and how to resolve them. Dr. Muller has made a significant difference in my life, and I would highly recommend him.”

— S. K.

"Dr. Muller is an excellent psychologist with 30 years of experience. He is compassionate, empathic, and thoughtful when working with clients, colleagues, and students. His insights lead to a better understanding of the self and open the door to change. His expertise in the areas of trauma and attachment was developed through both his clinical work and research initiatives. His knowledge base and clinical skills create the trusting environment needed in therapy."

— j. C.

"Dr. Muller is a competent and empathic clinician. He demonstrates excellent skill and his expertise in trauma therapy is evident in both a treatment and supervision context."

— S. R.

"I strongly recommend Dr. Muller as a trauma therapist and trauma expert! He is an excellent psychologist who is very warm, kind, and genuine. He is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, with over 30 years of experience providing therapy to those in need and training the next generation of psychologists."

— k. c.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Muller as a supervisee and he has been an immense support both personally and professionally. His guidance has proven invaluable and I would highly recommend him to any that hope to learn and improve their craft!"

— G. R.

"Dr. Muller is an incredibly compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable expert on trauma recovery. I often recommend him to many people, because of his expertise on the treatment of trauma disorders. He is an amazing professor, mentor, and advocate for individuals struggling with PTSD."

— Y. L.

"I cannot recommend Dr. Muller strongly enough. If I could I'd give him even more stars! Not only is he an expert as a researcher and teacher, but he is a highly skilled therapist and supervisor who brings warmth, compassion and kindness into the consulting room."

— K. J.

"Robert Muller is a knowlegeable and skilled clinician. He is patient and warm. He can hold your experience whether you are a client or a supervisee, and can help you discover what it means to you."

— L. R.

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